As mentioned above we launched the Lotto Magic Team in 2005 and we're still actively marketing, advertising and growing the team after all these years - we are committed to the team!


Our team building success is a direct result of ensuring those on the team are successful (making money). We've learned that placing new team members under current team members earns "them" commissions, motivates them and grows the team even more. It's the way team building was meant to be.

As with Lotto Magic we are in Leased Ad Space for the long haul, and as the owners or managers of 26 online websites we have placed Leased Ad Space text or banner ads on these sites to funnel even more new team members your way.

We are also we're running Leased Ad Space team ads through proven advertising platforms such as Buy Sell Ads, Bing, Yahoo and other ad platforms for your benefit. We learned years ago... If you do not advertise... then they will not come! We look forward to welcoming you the team today.  Whitney

12 years with Lotto Magic, the Company before Leased Ad Space but still going strong!

About Us - As Team Builders

We are a family run business that started marketing online back in 1998, that's about the same time that Google was in beta testing. Our online businesses and experienced marketing is not a hobby... we are professionals that take online marketing and ensuring the success of our teams very seriously. Below is an example of a team we launched in 2005 that's still going strong and is still growing after more then a decade. Some of our team members have been with us for 12 years now!


A Leased Ad review of our team would show that we work hard for you and your team!

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