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Delivering text, banner and life-time solo advertising solutions plus an already proven home income opportunity - Leased Ad Space is an all in one advertising and home busness platform! You can place your favorite text or banner ads or send out "life-time" solo ads for a "one-time" $7. For the thousands of companies out there that want you on autoship, want recurring monthly payments from you or want you to pay a monthly PayPal subscription... Leased Ad Space is about giving you what you need at a "one-time" low price that anyone can afford. Your big bonus is that  you can earn a nice income as the

Leased Ad Space definition and program information

affiliate team builds below you and  and they (and those under them) purchase advertising packages. Earn from $7 to $147 when an advertising package is purchased below you. What can you do with just one $147 paid to you instantly? It'll likely change your life for the better, and that's from only one of a potential thousands of advertising package sales.

Marketing Platform

Leased Ad Space is the most unique opportunity online. They give you the best online marketing platform to sell the hottest commodity online, and you get paid instantly!! Yes, no middle man... Straight up, you get paid on every sale you make, 100% commissions paid instantly to you! The perfect home business for anyone and everyone.

Website Traffic


Every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic, without it, they are all dead in the water! That is what Leased Ad Space provides, they give you the platform to sell it, you bring in the people or businesses that need it, and they help you make the sale. With the Leased Ad Space team backing you up - you're set!

Traffic Packages

All Leased Ad Space traffic package purchasers will receive internal and external advertising and traffic and visitors (real people), using text ads, banner ads, email marketing/solo ads, a public profile page, fully self contained personalized marketing site (free), personal blog and search engine traffic through the classified ad section.

How Will You Earn

As a member of Leased Ad Space you will receive your commissions if you already own that "Traffic Package" yourself. That's why it's recommended you buy the highest "Traffic Package" you can afford. The most powerful aspect of their system is that you receive instant commissions whether or not the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your down line from members above or below you. 

100% Commissions

Leased Ad Space is structured as a forced 8 x 7 matrix, with more advertising for you at each level. You are not being paid for recruiting new members, all commissions are paid off of the direct sales of the 7 available traffic packages. You are selling ad space and traffic where you get to keep 100% of the sale, paid directly to you immediately with no waiting for a commission check to arrive.

Ad Packages Info

An advertising package example is when you purchase the Leased Ad Space Pearl traffic package, for $7, you will receive 8,000 banner ad/4,000 text ad impressions. With the Pearl package you are also receiving the benefit and the ability to send 1 solo ad to the entire database of Leased Ad Space every 28 days, as well as 1 Permanent text ad in the Leased Ad Space classified advertising directory - very nice.

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It only takes a "one-time $7" to get your business started!

Experienced, Proven and Powerful Leased Ad Space Team Building at its Very Finest!    When YOU are a complete success... then we are too!