My family and I have been marketing online since 1998. We already know our online marketing experience and powerful visitor generation will help you and your team today and far in the future. Helping YOU (and your future team) grow bigger and better for many years to come. Be sure to read our special Leased Ad Space editorial that lists many of the things we're doing right now for YOU and your team.


To help you get started I included two video's for you. The first is the official company welcome video, and in case you haven't made your one-time $7 purchase yet the second video shows you how to easily do that so you can lock in your spot for life in the team matrix.























Have a great day there, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.


Sincerely, and yours in business,

Whitney Jacqueline


Whitney Jacqueline

Leased Ad Space

Team Leader

Welcome to the Leased Ad Space Team

How to Purchase Your Traffic Package

You can click on any of the menu buttons above to get a better feel for what we do for YOU as a team and how you directly (through team growth) financially benefit from it.

Leased Ad Space is where you receive great advertising using your favorite text or banner ads plus send out a solo ad each and every month to many thousands of “real” people that have signed up and want information from you. If you have a website, blog or social media site that you want people to visit and surf then you can easily send out a solo ad each month (for life) and reach thousands of fresh leads and people. 


You can also earn a great income by letting others know about Leased Ad Space. You can do this completely hands off if you like by using the FREE Leased Ad Space text ads, banners and splash pages. If you want to get more involved (and earn more) simply make some social media posts, include Leased Ad Space information in your outgoing emails or if you have a list then email them! Let them know they can advertise “and” earn at the same time whether passively by getting Leased Ad Space banners out there, or hands on by posting to social media platforms, blogs or forums etc.

As an 8x7 forced affiliate matrix you can only have eight people on your first level and after these positions are filled by you and your upline, then all future team members must “spillover” below you and your team. You won’t lose them and they’ll all still be in your team, they’ll just be placed somewhere below you within your team - this is good for you! Every person we bring into the team for YOU will automatically “spillover” and end up below you and your team, there's no other choice in the Leased Ad Space forced matrix compensation plan!

A big bonus of being in this particular team is that you will never be alone in building your team and building your 100% commission income, if you want, you can click on the "Team Building" navigation menu button up above to learn more about this, then use your browser back arrow button to return to this page.

Thanks for joining me in Leased Ad Space and a warm welcome to you!

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The inside scoop on the hugely "profitable" Leased Ad Space compensation plan!

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