We can't give away FREE Advertising to you forever, however we are going to do it as long as required to build momentum within the team and the only way this is possible is with consistent growth of the team over a long period of time. You arriving at this page is a BIG plus for you as you'll receive the a FREE position on the team, with the prior knowledge that as serious online marketers combined with the Leased Ad Space 8x7 forced affiliate matrix we are committed to you and we are in it for the long haul (years).


You securing your prime spot today will make a huge impact for you and your team in the future. Nobody can make income promises or projections, however consider this... you are in the team matrix for FREE, and we are marketing heavily regardless if you decide to market Leased Ad Space or not!

There are individuals marketing Leased Ad Space and that's great because it is an amazing advertising and income program combined into one perfect home business marketing package. However we don't know of any other "organized team" such as this one which incorporates the power of decades of online marketing experience along with the financial resources to consistently run "paid for" targeted ads for the team through popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, bidding 40 cents on the most important Leased Ad Space related keywords. This team (your team) owns the domain name www.LeasedAdSpaceTeam.com which is the URL being used at Bing and Yahoo! We're also running ads on social media sites and on many popular web sites. Lastly we've written an editorial about "Team Building" for additional team exposure to the masses - all of these future new Leased Ad Space team members are "spillover" members within the 8x7 forced matrix, and they are absolutely... yours!

This is a limited time offer where YOU have the opportunity to grab your no strings attached 100% FREE position on our powerful Leased Ad Space team!

The benefits of your free Leased Ad Space spot on the team:

1. Yes, it really is absolutely 100% free to you, there's no catch, no bait and switch and nothing unethical, it's just NOT how we roll as a team. Once you join the team your "one-time" $7 is reimbursed back to you through the payment provider you choose, there's more about this below.


2. After you join, if you decide you want to grow your personal team bigger and faster and use the free Leased Ad Space marketing site or the free text ads, banner ads or splash pages that's great. With a bigger faster growing team you will earn more. This would be the time for you to also post on your favorite social media sites, pay for some adverting and actively market your Leased Ad Space "home business" and get the word out there through your free company provided and personalized marketing web site.


3. If you decide to grab your free position and then do nothing that's perfectly fine too. Remember our ultimate long term team goal is overall team growth and momentum, you joining for free creates that automatically since you are on the team. So focus on your main MLM or affiliate program if you like. Later on when you realize you're earning money just for... breathing,  we're confident you'll want to do what the team member in paragraph 2 above is doing. But again, if you don't want to that's still fine.


4. We are advertising and marketing Leased Ad Space heavily for the team (you) through paid advertising, proven SEO methods, link trades, blog posts, banner rotators, editorials, social media and email auto-responders plus more. So you want to be sure to secure your spot now, otherwise the team member that joins tomorrow who was supposed to be in your affiliate down line team will be your upline if all you do is save this page so you can check it out again... sometime later. The golden egg is within arms reach - grab it now!

What you need to do in order to grab your free position on the Leased Ad Space team...

1. Sign up at Leased Ad Space, then look for your confirmation email from them and click on the link in it to confirm your email address. Return to Leased Ad Space and pay your one-time $7 for the "Pearl" advertising package. There is no reoccurring payment system in Leased Ad Space so you will NOT be charged at anytime in the future, it's not possible.

2. After you're an official "paid" Leased Ad Space team member, then please Email Me these three pieces of information: Your Leased Ad Space user name (1), the payment provider name (2) that you'd like like your $7 reimbursement sent to (PayPal, Payza etc.), plus your email address (3) for your payment provider. Do not send me this information until "after" you have paid your $7 and joined Leased Ad Space. I'm not sending you $7 so you can join Leased Ad Space, I'm reimbursing you after you've done your part and paid and have joined the team - thank you in advance.  :-)

3. Once I send your $7 reimbursement to you then you are on the team and in the team matrix for 100% free! Besides being able to place your free text and banner ads, you'll also be able to send out your solo ads from Leased Ad Space... for life!  Important: As a minimum you will need to go to your profile to set-up the three payment providers. If you're already with any of them then you'll just need to put in your user name or email address in the proper areas and then save your changes - you're done! The three payment providers are Payza, Bitcoin, and Solid Trust. You want to do this because your future members might only be using one or two of these payment providers and you want to be sure they can use "any" of the the 3 payment providers so that YOU get paid your due commissions... whether $7 or $147, or anything in between!

How do you know I'm going to reimburse you for your one-time $7 investment?

Mainly because it's only $7 dollars, but more importantly I won't risk losing your loyalty, or risk tarnishing my online reputation by not doing the right thing. I want you to be happy on the team whether you decide to market Leased Ad Space which will build your personal team faster, or whether you join and then focus on your main MLM or affiliate program. My long term team building plan isn't about $7 today, it's about months and years from now when you and I will be earning much more then $7 as new team members continue to join and current team members upgrade so they can place more advertising and also earn more commissions. As the team grows in depth and width in the 8x7 forced affiliate matrix, that's truly where the real ($147 per ad sale) will be impressive and I want us both to be there smiling when that begins to happen. If you'd like to look me up online you can Google me, and you'll see I own or manage many sites and our team has worked hard at SEO, branding, and team visibility for many decades. You are safe with us because we care about you and the team. and because at the core of everything we do... above all we believe in doing the right thing.


If you have any questions after you join the team, feel free to contact me anytime.


Sincerely, and yours in business - have a great day there!

Whitney Jacqueline


Whitney Jacqueline

Leased Ad Space

Team Leader

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